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Agile Hospitality Group




LARGE SCALE hospitality infrastructure

What is Agile?

Agile Hospitality Group provides Infrastructure Anywhere: large scale, expertly managed cruise ships for world-class conferences, events and disruptions.

By combining increased lodging inventory with local community engagement and innovative events both onshore and at sea, Agile is the ideal solution for a superior guest experience.

The Agile Team

Agile Hospitality Group and its executive management team have launched companies and ventures in many sectors, reinventing business models, processes and technologies. The team has all the combined operational and executional experience required to create Agile experiences and solutions.

Why Agile?

Agile Hospitality is the only company solely dedicated to and specializing in solving inventory challenges through cruise ships. Agile specializes in large scale events, temporary infrastructure limitations or disruptions, and immersive visitor experiences.

Equitable Values

Ceres Investigació Sociològica was recently commissioned by Agile to quantify the economic gain to the city of Barcelona, its businesses and people during Mobile World Congress 2021.

Ceres projects that the MWC Agile alone will have an approximately 23 million euro revenue impact on the city and add 210 jobs in 2021 and approximately 70 million euro revenue impact over the three-year life of the Agile x GSMA contract.

Infrastructure Anywhere

Large scale solutions to save the day:

→ GSMA MWC conference in Barcelona
→ Tennis “Grand Slam” events
→ World Cup
→ Olympic Games
→ Party conferences
→ Working with governments and NGOs to accommodate victims of catastrophic events such as hurricanes, typhoons, earthquakes, and floods