Che: The Musical

Urban Salsa-Infused Musical

This urban salsa-infused musical tells the incredible story of Alberto Korda’s “Guerrillero Heróico” – The Iconic Photograph of Ernesto Che in a black beret that has become the most-reproduced photograph on earth.

The coming-of-rage sub-plot is that Natalie adopts the Guerrillero Heróico persona of Che to express her rebellion, which leads to confrontation with Tito, Natalie’s father, who is proud of the life he has made for his family and protective of his position in his community.

The staging of Heróico is unique, as between the big band that plays everything from urban salsa through reggaeton and Latin Trap, there’s a dance floor where you can dance the night (or the matinee) away.

Che: The Musical is coming to Broadway in late 2020.

“Heróico is the story of an image that became a T-shirt and that over time has come to define a man and his legacy, which is resistance. The musical come at a time when resistance is precious. It may be all we have.”