Send Gift Bets on Events

A Flip is a gift bet on one of up to 1,000 preset events from the timing of Trump’s next tweet, to the final, final winner of the Kentucky Derby, to the naming of the Sussex Royal Baby (though nobody Flipped Archie!), sent from one person to a friend or friends (a multi-Flip), lover or lovers, relatives or mortal enemies to say “Happy Birthday,” “Congratulations,” or to gloat or piss the recipient off.

Should the Flip win a bet, then the Sender’s thought really counted because the Recipient gets paid a multiple of the Sender’s stake. And, should it lose? Well, at least the Sender’s message got noticed.

We call the process of Flipping – putting your money when your mouth is. And, best of all, it’s legal almost everywhere as the Sender has gifted away the return and the Recipient has no stake!

Flipem will be ready for testing in Q1 2020, with commercial launch in the U.S. expected in Q3-2020.

“Flipem is an extraordinary new product – a premium message that offers the Recipient the potential of an extraordinary return. I sent a beta-flip to my mother for her last birthday on how much rain would fall on her birthday, and she spent the entire day looking at the sky, praying for a monsoon.”