The Bad Seed

The Weekly Graphic Novel That is Bringing Down President Trump

Born of extreme violence. Robbed of his birthright. This bastard’s going to take the President down and save us from ourselves. That’s the premise behind The Bad Seed, the smash-hit online web novel that has published forty chapters over the last year, chronicling the adventures of Elia Degas in his pursuit to bring down President James Alexander Kunt, modeled after President Donald Trump.

With content viewed over ten million times all over the world, The Bad Seed’s unique take on satire of the disastrous Trump presidency continues to captivate millions and will be the thing that brings down the Trump presidency.

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“The Bad Seed Book seeks to inspire resistance throughout the nation, a paradigm shift sure to piss off President Trump and further fuel the opposition to the chaotic-filled Trump presidency, reducing Trump’s re-election hopes. We are going to be THE thing that brings down this disastrous President – Mueller couldn’t do it, Stormy couldn’t do it, the courts haven’t done it – but The Bad Seed will.”

Adam Kidron