Yonder Media Mobile

Next Generation Telco

Yonder Media Mobile was formed in July 2018 to create a new global experience platform combining the utility and revenue certainty of a telco with a location-aware, gamified social network, and bundled content packages (music, video, local deals, events) distributed through Yo, the new generation telco.

Yo will launch in Latin America in Q2 2020.

“Telecom operators have a simple and proven business model: people pay for their services (daily, weekly, monthly) and top-up because their services are considered to be essential.

Producers and distributors of music, video, games, live-streamed events, and other digital experiences reach almost everybody on earth.  However, although their products drive brand awareness, excitement, and engagement, their business models are less certain because they are considered to be non-essential. By fusing the two models into one platform, Yonder Media Mobile jumps two (content and digital services + experience) giant steps further than a traditional telco while retaining the predictability of the telco model and creates an entertaining and enriching new model that is tough to replicate.”